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Gold barb with Red sore


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I’ve got a planted 180litre barb-tank.

This gold barb has had a little red spot for the past 2 months. 

I do weekly 60% water changes as I’m pretty well stocked.

ive just raised the temperature from 25c - 26.5c to see if that helps.


does anyone know if this is potentially lethal and what’s the best way to go about it? 





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Well lets see how we can help. I saw your other post about the tiger barb i believe it was with the cloudy eye. Am i correct in assuming both fish are in the same tank? If so there may be a bit more to unpack there. To begin, it is a little difficult to make accurate diagnosis in a picture. You may be able to more accurately diagnose then i could, with some simple internet searches. I wouldnt want to freak you out and say, “ that looks like red spot disease” when it could be a parasite or an infected wound from scraping something sharp. Since you have a planted tank i would highly advise you to have a quarantine / hospital tank. I have one so in case i need to dose aquarium salt (which is bad for certain plant species) i am not dosing my planted tank with fish medicine. If both of your infected barbs are from the same tank you might have something going on in your tank water. In which case you can reverse and separate your plants to the quarantine tank and dose medicines to your main tank with your fish only. Keep in mind some medicines may need to be removed after treatment is completed with activated carbon in your filter. If you dont have a quarantine / hospital tank you can make one on the cheap with a plastic tote. Here are some pictures of mine and accompanying equipment. I used tape on the side to mark 1 gallon increments for more accurate medicine dosing, and drilled holes in the top for air exchange, and cut a slit on the corner for tubing and wires. This tote is 53 L, and only cost me $5 U.S. Hopefully somebody else can help you diagnose the problem. I wish you luck with your little barbs. 




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