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Weird spots on apistogramma hongsloi (not ich)

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To sum it up, last week I picked up two apistogramma hongsloi. These are my first species of apisto. They’ve been doing well and eating well. The last few days I’ve noticed minor chasing and the male seeming to “dance” or “show off” for the female. Last night I noticed a weird gold patch on the head of the male. Today I noticed an even bigger one on the female. Gh is 8, Kh is 5 and has been steady for several months. Temp is 74 Fahrenheit. I have really high nitrates because I ended up overdosing easy green trying to clean out the pump head and get it to work. Is the high nitrates causing the issue? Wednesday’s are my normal water change days so it’ll get a water change regardless tomorrow, should I wait and see? They’re still acting normal and eating. The intake sponge on my HOB filter was clogged to the point where there was little water flow, but I also have a sponge filter on the other side of the tank. It’s a planted 20 long with 6 celestial pearl danios, 7 habrosus corydoras, the 2 apistos, and a blue stiphodon goby. Nobody else seems to be affected or acting different.









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Hello , i found a message on the internet about White spot on head of apisto : this was the message : I had that happen to my Apisto. A fish expert I know told me to use Nitrofurazone. And it worked!! he was sick for days not eating just sitting there witha white spot hole thing on his head. I put him in a quarantine tank. Then I did as the fish expert suggested and that is; crush two tablets for ten gallons, put both in tank. Then wait two days then put one more tablet in for a ten gallon tank. three- four days after starting the treatment my fish was healthy and cured.

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So I did a 40% water change to bring nitrates down and I moved the male into a ziss breeder box for a few days in case it was aggression. Last night as the suspected female was near the box she turned this bright yellow and her eyes turned completely black. Then by the time I grabbed my phone she was back to normal. Today I added the male back to the main tank bc the weird marks on both of them were gone and she did the weird color change again, this time I got some pictures. Does anyone know what this is? I’m brand new to apistos.






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