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  1. Cerpofor femsee , White spot and fungus
  2. I was medicating for ich , the ich is gone , now i see him looking like this..fungus?
  3. Hmzz shop told me they always medicate the fish before they sell Them. Photo was taken after they had eaten. Could this be the reason? thanks for noticing! I'm going to keep an eye on it. Contact the shop and start treatment as needed
  4. Thanks! If Both fish keep fighting its best to separate Them? They are Both New in the tank. Maybe they need to find their own territories in the tank? Dont want to stress Them out.
  5. Hello , could this be male and female ? They do fight , head bumb etc.
  6. Hello , i found a message on the internet about White spot on head of apisto : this was the message : I had that happen to my Apisto. A fish expert I know told me to use Nitrofurazone. And it worked!! he was sick for days not eating just sitting there witha white spot hole thing on his head. I put him in a quarantine tank. Then I did as the fish expert suggested and that is; crush two tablets for ten gallons, put both in tank. Then wait two days then put one more tablet in for a ten gallon tank. three- four days after starting the treatment my fish was healthy and cured.
  7. Thanks you! SpongeBob yeah Knocked him over to catch a neon tetra with a swimming bladder. Saved him btw!
  8. Thanks for the advise! I'll stop feeding for now!
  9. Hello , im Jeffrey from the Netherlands. I Just started keeping fish. Watched many vids from aquarium Coop for advies. Had some issues with my small tank 60L (dont know gallons). But the vids helped me verry mutch. Now its time tot enjoy!
  10. Skillrzs

    Swim bladder

    Hi , I have a question. My neon tetras are always so hungry they eat everything. Also the floting foods for my betta fish , when om not feeding bloodworms and other Frozen foods. Now i saved my neon tetra, kept it in a net over night and is not floting anymore. My question is never feed floting foods anymore? Hope you guys understand my bad english. Thanks!
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