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Pseudotropheus Saulosi dying in QT

Andrew Puhr

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Picked up a breeding group of Pseudotropheus Saulosi at a local swap meet. 9 fish total (3M,6F) between 2 large bags. 1F was not looking so hot so I removed her before traveling home. They were only in the bags in my possession for about 2.5 hours but they were in an insulated cooler. 

Put them in a 20 Gallon QT with plenty of hides and caves. They were doing fine I fed them small pinches of Xtreme Spirulina Flakes each day. No issues Sunday or yesterday fish looked good and weren't acting unusual but today I found 1M and 1F dead. Not sure what could be the cause. Went ahead and dosed the med trio just to curb any potential problems. 

20 Gallon QT is keeping around 77 degrees, PH 7.2, Nitrates <10ppm. Filtration is an Aquaclear 50 and a sponge filter. 

Not sure what else I should try. Don't want to risk losing any more fish. 

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