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Drip Irrigation From Sump


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Good Morning Everyone!

I'm in the process of designing a small system that would feed 3-6 20 gallon tanks. My original thought was to have a makeshift sump with some biological filtration. There would then be a submersible pump feeding all the tanks through vinyl tubing, which in turn would overflow back to the sump. 

I have since discovered irrigation drip systems through other aquarists on Youtube. Most are being run solely as a water change system from a fresh water source. Has anyone had any success running these systems in conjunction with a sump? If so, what type of submersible pump are you using? The drip irrigation systems seem pretty self explanatory and a variety can be found on Amazon.  However, since I won't be running from a fresh water source, I will need some sort of pump to create pressure. Not sure what is considered excessive pressure or not enough pressure?

Hope everyone has a good day!



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This has been done for the last few decades. On a system so small, a power head may do it just fine. However, I recommend not using the drip emitters from a drip system as they get gunked up as the water isn't "clean". If I was making this system, I would use R/O tubing and airline air control valves to control how much water goes into each tank. You'll probably need to service them once a month as the tubing outlets will build up gunk. The smallest system that I found to not need servicing often is 1/2 inch pvc.

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