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Small fish for backyard pond.


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Hey guys I'm in Los Angeles ca zone 10a. I've been looking for small fish to add to the backyard pond that can take temp down to the 40°f. Right now I have mosquito fishes only but they are shy so I want to add other fish that have some color but around the same size. No more then 3in. Pond is about 3000 or so gallons with plants and algae. It is not being fed by me. It sustains itself. Most of the "cold tolerance" "unheated" aquarium fish can only be in an unheated tank when you have your house heated.

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21 hours ago, lefty o said:

white cloud minnows would likely be okay for you.

Thank you

21 hours ago, James Black said:

Fancy goldfish would do very well in that setup along with koi

A bit too big for me

20 hours ago, MAC said:

You'd have to check local laws/regs but maybe some of the native dace or shiner species. Otherwise I'd say white clouds.


20 hours ago, Nataku said:

Paradise gourami


White cloud mountain minnow

Variatus platies 

Variatus platies must be diff then regular orange one? The orange one didn't make it.

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