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question about introducing aquatic plants to new aquarium


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My aquarium is currently in day 4 of the cycling process. I would like to know if simple aquatic plants such as anubias can be introduced to a tank that has not yet established it's nitrite levels.

I've added plenty of fish food for the filter to process the ammonia into nitrites. As far as I understand, plants will consume acidic substances in the order of ammonia>nitrite>nitrates. Is this true? 

What kind of growth patters can I expect from aquatic plants in the early stages of the cycling process? Is adding fish food sufficient fodder for my new plants? I also have Nutrafin Plant Gro formula. I don't know much about these products to be honest.

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I'm no expert but i can tell you what I did.  Water day 1, three plants day 2, fish day 3, research day 4 :classic_laugh:, panic day 5, pray day 6, everything been mostly okay since then.  I digress.

The fast growing plants showed growth by day 4 (hornwort, and a fast growing "baby tears"), the java fern looks the same to me after two weeks.  I added anubias nana on day 5 or 6 and it didn't even pause growth with its new leaf opening up the next day.  I suspect as long as you choose robust "Beginner" plants it'll work out.  You could also fertilize if you want to spend another few bucks.

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From my experience as long as you don't have ridiculous levels of ammonia plants can be added straight away to help cycle an aquarium! 

I always do it, always have really and always recommend it. 

Many old school methods/aquarists recommend them to be the way to "cycle" aquariums. 

Some even plant it till their Is nothing but plants and basically straight after added fish straight away with no loss or even registered ammonia.

Plants are just wonderful!

P.S Let your food supply the nutrients for initial growth don't go adding more complexity to a new tank while your learning just let them grow off the food and once it's all settled and cycled and fish are healthy and happy start to get into all that if you wish too! 

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