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Possible bacterial infection?


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Hello all!

I have a 75 gallon 6 week old tank. 0 am /0 nitrite/ 25 nitrate/7.6 Ph and it may be on the hard side since it's Chicago water.  Temp is 76 degrees. Well I introduced some fish after a 2 week no med quarantine. I have a male and female Bosemani that seem to have some wounds and posible white growths. These buggers can really swim and are still eating. They are on the low end of the totem pole for their gender and were bullied and still are to an extent by the other 2 males and 2 females. I noticed the one male has two "wounds" to his side and a gill/fin. He is swimming rather frantically compared to the others. In the last pic you see the male head on but blurry. I hope the pictures help on how to treat, if at all. Is this something that can go away on it's own? I have on hand Ich X and API Erythromiacin. I can go to get API fin and body med that may help with the Gram negative infections. I read that Erythromiacin is more for gram positive. Thank you all!


female sick 1.jpg

female sick2.jpg

Male gills.jpg

male fin 2.jpg

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