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  1. So I've been treating my betta with maracyn because he had a lot of bacterial stuff going on, he's getting better, moving around more, but he's still slightly pinecone-y, something I'm 98% sure is dropsy. He also had fin rot, I think it's stopped at this point, I'm starting to see the fins grow back a little. I fell into that cycle of not checking the water and got busy and this happened, 100% my fault, I'm just trying to fix it. I've gone through a full round of maracyn but I have a problem. I only have 3 packets of maracyn left and he most likely needs one more full 5 packet round of it. He's in a 10 gallon hospital tank, I don't get paid till Thursday, what do yall suggest I do? I can't pick it up locally, no one here carries it. Do the regimen as instructed until I run out and hope for the best, is there another medicine that's more readily available that's comparable? Should I wait a week until I have more of the medicine ordered?
  2. I got Hugo on Janurary 25th 2021, here is a picture of the day I got him: Overtime he quickly develepoed a water dog personality and became one of my favorite fish. Unforatnetley in late Feburary of 2021 I started seeing signs of finrot, I treated it and thought it was all gone so I put him back in the main display tank. However about a week later I noticed it most defentley was not gone and it had appeared to get a lot worse. From this point on his finrot only develeped and got worse and worse. With being in Canada fish medications are incredibly hard to come by and when you do see them its about double maybe triple the price then what it should be. The only medications I could find were salt. I used salt for about a week and noticed he got dramatically worse and the salt was defentley not helping if anytning making it worse. However over the course of a few weeks I let him rest with 0 medications in the water and it seemed to help. So his fins started growing back. It wasn't until earlier this month I started seeing signs of finrot again. I knew this defentley wasnt a good sign considering the fact that it was a miracle that he survived the last time. But as I did before I let him rest and monitored him. However over the course of the week he has gotten dramatically worse. I'm fearing his last days are coming. He has develeped severe popeye, and a small bump on his side. He is very week and lately has been staying at the same spot at the surface of the water. His immune system is obviously very week. This is a picture of him this morning: This morning however I saw him swimming. Usually hes been staying in the same spot all day long. But today I guess he needed some movement. He swims in little twitches but will still come to visit me at the front of the glass every time.
  3. When to pull healthy fish from quarantine? - Diseases - C.A.R.E. (aquariumcoop.com) As a depressing continuation from the other thread, something is going through my 75 gallon. Tank's history: Has been setup and running for almost 6 years. Added last fish 3 months ago. In March, swapped out the Fluval 405 for a Seachem 75 because my angle fish liked to sleep under the intake and it was really hard to maintain. I let the new filter run for two weeks in the tank before I turned off the Fluval. First fish, pearl gourami, died on April 4. Had mystery lump on one side for about a month that got bigger or smaller depending on the day. Five fish, gold barbs, became sick, swimming nose down, on April 8 and last of those died off on April 20. Were in a quarantine tank the whole time. Treated with Kanaplex and then Maracyn. Rosy barb started swimming in circles and slightly U shaped spine yesterday, April 22. Moved to quarantine tank and added salt. In really bad shape, so decided to not use existing meds in case I need them for main tank. Added salt to the main tank at 1 tablespoon to 2 gallons last night. One black skirt tetra is having trouble swimming upwards this morning, but still eats with relish. Current occupants as of this morning: 1 pearl gourami 1 gold barb 1 angel fish 6 skirt tetras 6 congo tetras no plants or invertebrates Parameters: Ph 8.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 10 Temp 76 Do weekly 25% water changes with 3/4 water from residential water softer, 1/4 well water. Since Kanaplex and Maracyn didn't make a dent in the gold barbs that died, should I even treat the whole 75 gallon with meds? Keep pulling the sick fish into the quarantine tank? Wait and watch my invisible train wreck of a tank?
  4. This is a follow up to my post about my CPDs yesterday but I needed to attach a graphic photo with a warning. Was this caused by mycobacteria?
  5. Hey, everyone. PH: 7.4 Gh: 10 Kh: 4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20-40 (33% WC whenever it hits 40 ppm) The aquarium is unheated, but ranges from 70° - 74°. I have an intermediately-planted 10 gallon tank, and it had 16 Celestial Pearl Danio (which were juvenile when I got them from Aqua Huna about 6 weeks ago); 5 Habrosus Corydoras; and Blue Dream Shrimp. I got all the fish around the same time, and just quarantined them in the same tank with Maracyn, Paracleanse, and Ich X. At the end of the week of them soaking in the meds, I started feeding them frozen daphnia. I carefully monitored the water parameters, and although the nitrates once briefly exceeded 40 ppm, I never saw ammonia or nitrite. After the second day of quarantine, the smallest CPD (still fry with its yellow stomach visible through its body) was found floating upside down with white fuzz occluding its mouth. This was the only CPD that died initially. Because the CPD's were so tiny, it was really hard to get them to eat at first but eventually the frozen daphnia were the first thing they started eating well. However, a lot of frozen daphnia got sucked into the sponge filter. When I cleaned the filter, I noticed that a lot of old frozen food was coming back into the water. After about a week, I noticed my largest CPD hanging out by the top of the tank gasping for breath. I'm inclined to say that it was pineconed from dropsy but the fish was so tiny, and I'm inexperienced, so my report has little probative value. However, this was the start of an onslaught in which the CPDs started dying one by one. I woke up one day to find the shrimp and the corys eating another Dead CPD. About three days after I saw this (which was today), I found that one of the corys has a bulging eye. Another couple of corys have gils that are very red. (These are likely not ammonia burns since ammonia is 0). I noticed the corys today and immediately added a pack of Maracyn. When I did this, a few of the CPDs swam up the surface and started gasping for breath. Two died after I both added Maracyn and increased the air flow to the sponge filter. I took every fish out earlier tonight and soaked them in a gallon of water with a tbsp of kosher salt mixed in (soaked for 10 minutes before they started settling to the bottom). I have about 6 CPS and 5 Corys left at this point. I put them all back into the tank. No deaths yet, but the night is still young. My plan is to add another pack of Maracyn tomorrow. At this point, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to lose everything except for the shrimp which seem unaffected. So, here are the questions I have. (1) Before I noticed mass die-off, I moved some rotala from this 10 gallon tank to my main tank. 😕 I soaked the rotala in a 5% bleach solution for about a minute, and then again in tap water before I made the switch. At the time, I had snails in mind, but to what extent should I be worrying about the main tank at this point? (2) If I ever want to have fish in my 10 gallon again, what should I do? 😕 I'm pretty new to this hobby, so I appreciate any insight you have. Thanks. Donny
  6. What are your guises thoughts on bacterial infections growing immunity’s to medication? Should that be something I should worry about?
  7. i recently purchased a pearlscale goldfish, after quarantining her i added her to my main display tank. which was good until i noticed aggression between her and my larger male fancy goldfish. after noticing the aggression i spotted white spots at the bottom of the tank that i mistook for eggs. they were instead my female pearscales, scales. i immediately separated them, but it was already too late as a lot of her scales were already bumped off. since this incident i’ve been treating her with maracyn, to help prevent a bacterial infection. i’ve since noticed a white/transparent stringy coating is coming off of her. she also hasn’t been very active. this is my first time keeping pearlscales, and i haven’t been able to find much information. if anyone could give any advice i would appreciate it so much!!!
  8. Hello Everyone, I have 1 pearl gourami, 1 male dwarf gourami, and 2 male gold gouramis in a 36 gallon tank for over a year. The pearl gourami has given me some concern because he has been getting thin, and his colors have been fading. He is still eating but slower than before. There has been no sign of fellow gouramis bullying him. Is it possible that he might have internal parasites or bacterial infection? All the gouramis have not been through any medication before since I got them. If there is a possible disease, should I treat the whole tank or isolate the sick one? Should all of them be medicated to ensure they are clean from possible parasites or bacterial infections to prevent future issues? If I need to treat them with medication I am planning on using API General Cure or API E.M. Erythromycin. Water Parameters using Terta Ammonia & 6-in-1 Test Strips Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitratre: <20 PH: 8.4 GH: 25 Chlorine: 0 KH: 300 Water Temp: 76 Thank you in advance for your help and advice!
  9. Hello all! I have a 75 gallon 6 week old tank. 0 am /0 nitrite/ 25 nitrate/7.6 Ph and it may be on the hard side since it's Chicago water. Temp is 76 degrees. Well I introduced some fish after a 2 week no med quarantine. I have a male and female Bosemani that seem to have some wounds and posible white growths. These buggers can really swim and are still eating. They are on the low end of the totem pole for their gender and were bullied and still are to an extent by the other 2 males and 2 females. I noticed the one male has two "wounds" to his side and a gill/fin. He is swimming rather frantically compared to the others. In the last pic you see the male head on but blurry. I hope the pictures help on how to treat, if at all. Is this something that can go away on it's own? I have on hand Ich X and API Erythromiacin. I can go to get API fin and body med that may help with the Gram negative infections. I read that Erythromiacin is more for gram positive. Thank you all!
  10. Kind of long but any help is greatly appreciated....🙏🏼 55 gallon Ammonia was .25-.5 and still is .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5.0 Ph 7.4 I had an ammonia spike. (I’m doing water changes and have added prime) A couple weeks ago my canister filter started leaking. I had to use my hang on back filter until I received the part to fix my canister. Once the part came I hooked my canister back up but I think I lost some beneficial bacteria in the process even though I put my sponges in the hang on back filter and the rest of the media inside the aquarium. The hang on back filter was a topfin 60. It didn’t move my water as well and my water started to develop an odor which it never had before. I have added charcoal and I've done a water change yesterday and today. Today I used some stress coat and prime. Yesterday after the water change they all shed their slime coats. They were twitching and shaking their heads(today too after water change). Today I noticed the red streaks, shown in the pics with arrows, which weren’t visible before. The red streaks are in dorsal and anal fins of the 2 koi’s too. The angel in pics #4-6 is looking white on top it’s head. I circled those areas. The 2 koi’s fins have also started to look cloudy/milky when they were completely clear a couple days ago. They are still eating. Is this just ammonia causing all the issues or is there more I need to be treating?? Septicemia, Columnaris, HITH? What do I do to save my fish? 🥺 white areas circled- not fuzzy or cottony, doesn’t look dented or like a crater either...
  11. I had 3 mollies (2 females 1 male) that stopped eating and were very low energy after a regular water change. They all showed signs of large white pathcs and something that I think was fin rot on them. One female also had her eye start sticking out far of her head. The male and one female died shortly after signs were noted. The only one left is the one with her eye sticking out. After 10 hours of another water change she has more energy and has started to eat agian however she is breathing heavy and acts as if she can't see ( id say she can't see out of the affected eye). However she is doing fine other the that. My question is I've never seen this before and don't know what to do her eye is still sticking out and I feel bad im sure that must hurt and I was wondering if there was anything I can do for her. Also I'm sorry I can't get a picture to load to the post
  12. Since I live in Canada, all antibiotics for fish have been pulled from the shelves at my local fish stores. I can't seem to find info on an alternative approach for treating bacterial infections. Sadly, I have an outbreak happening in one of my tanks. Does anyone know what I can use?
  13. Hey everyone! I have a giant betta which I had imported about 2 months ago. He has been doing great until I noticed some inflammation on his left pectoral fin. I did a salt dip (1 tbsp/gal for 7 minutes) with some methelyne blue in case it was fungal and added almond leaves to the tank. I repeated the dip 48 hours later (yesterday) and noticed it looked ulcerated, and today it seems worse and now there is inflammation under an adjacent scale. He is still eating and swimming and interacting but not using the fin as much. I would like to move him to a hospital tank, but I’m not sure which direction to go with treatment. Should I do low level salt and pick up an antibiotic? If so which one is best? Or is this something all of my googling has missed? I’ll be going in to aquarium co-op tomorrow and hopefully one of the guys at the shop will have an idea, but I figured I’d try and crowd source it first. I’m also not sure how to get a video or photo on here from my phone...so that’s a bummer... pH: 6.4 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate: between 5-10 Temp 79’ unsure of kh and gh Thanks so much!
  14. pH 7.2 Nitrates 15 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer ? Water Temperature 74 2 weeks ago I bought a few zebras and neons (different tanks in the store) and a few days later they had all died. There was a brief ammonia spike to .25 and my nitrates were around 30-40 but the ammonia went away within a few days and I did a water change to rid the most of the nitrate. Shortly after whatever it was spread to 4 other zebras that I had in the tank. The first ones had fins that were frayed, a couple got popeye, and some had bloated bellys/red tints after they died. Shortly after it spread to a few corys. One also got a case of popeye and another ended up laying vertical on a leaf before dying. So far it's taken out 7 zebras and 2 corys. My neons are yet to die from this and it's hard to tell if I've lost any shrimp but most of them still look good. Currently, most of the fish in the tank are opening/closing their mouths rapidly but they're not hanging out at the surface gasping for air. The tank is also heavily planted with CO2 and uses a power filter that should provide enough surface agitation. I started treating with Maracyn 2 but that didn't do the trick and I'm now using paracleanse. I'll let that sit for a week before water changing and trying something else. Any idea what this could possibly be? The fin rot and everything else made me think bacteria but now I've thought of the possibility of gill flukes due to the heavy breathing and some corys rubbing against eachother. The rubbing isn't super apparent with other fish though so I'm not sure. For all I know it could be a parasite that somehow got a secondary bacteria infection causing the popeye. The lastest photos of the danios look like they have some extra mucus near the gills but it's hard to tell. Sorry for the rough photos but it's hard to get clear ones with how fast these guys move when they see me trying to take them. I can try to get better quality ones if it helps. https://ibb.co/HGZXR3Y https://ibb.co/sscPB8m https://ibb.co/D17Q55D https://ibb.co/gDLykJH https://ibb.co/MPXbLBV https://ibb.co/3WbRBNp https://ibb.co/rcvqq1r https://ibb.co/CBhdRG2 https://ibb.co/cNBXrGH https://ibb.co/hXq7fGS
  15. How many of you guys and gals have used neoplex or something stronger as a second option instead of maracyn ? What have you guys used that has worked
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