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i had run out of frozen brine shrimp and so had my closest pet store but they had frozen Mysis Shrimp.

Never heard of this before and I did research it on the net and most things say its better than brine shrimp.

I know its a larger shrimp and for my betta's and nano fish I have to cut it up into smaller pieces and feed with a pipelet
and I dont mind doing it this way. Lets me spend more time with my fish.

So my question is: I have heard of baby brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and daphnia but i have never heard
anyone mention feeding with Mysis.

Is there a reason?


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Mysis shrimp is usually used for saltwater fish, either by itself or in a mix with other foods. They are a larger shrimp and would need cut up, other than that, I am not sure if freshwater fish can handle or digest them because of their shell and maybe that is why you don't hear about freshwater hobbyists feeding mysis.

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I buy already prepared mysis so it cut up and shelled so I dont have to do it, my tetras love it (they eat anything that slowly floats down in the water lol) so I would say if you are going to feed hem mysis find a brand that deshells them it will make it alot easier also if you have bottom feeders they will eat it aswell.

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