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What fish is this?


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So I ordered some green fire tetra from my local fish store, all 10 of those are perfectly fine, but I got this random tetra that's so much bigger than the rest of them and unlike the rest of the tetras that I got, this one has not colored up and behaves so much differently than the rest of them, so my question is what is this? An adult female that's just really pale or a completely different species?

Update: When it passes by, I see the faintest of blue stripe down it's body.


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2 hours ago, Colu said:

I don't think its a green fire tetra female it's difficult to tell what tetra it is because it not show full colour maybe once it get a bit bigger and colours up more

It's already twice as big as my green fire tetras so I'm wondering what exactly this thing is 🤣 It's super fast, darting back and forth in the quarantine tank. I really like it so now I want more of them cause it's clearly a schooling fish from what I can tell.

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