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Hello! I recently acquired a 55 gallon aquarium. The place my roommate/landlord really thinks it'd look nice is directly infront of a east-northeast facing window. I'm not concerned about algae as there are fish for that, I'm worried about temperature extreme possibilities if the window blinds are open? I'm in SE Michigan as that will play into sun intensity. What do you folks think? Will it be too hot?

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I have a 50 gallon aquarium directly in front of a South facing window and the sunlight causes no problems with temperature, even though it gets full sun for most of the day.


And there are no window blinds or curtains at this location. If the sun is up, it is shining directly into this aquarium. I am not sure if it makes a difference but the window glass for the house is 'low-e'.


Algae has not been an issue, but there was a episode of green water for a few weeks before it cleared up.

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If it is a big enough concern about temperature, just make sure that you keep the tank far enough from the window that you can access it a little. Then use those plastic window sealing products to seal the window inside during the winter in super cold climates. that should help keep the temp more consistent with a heater. That might be an option for you. 

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