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Quarantining New Fish and Medicating Display Tank


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My question is about quarantining fish.

I'm quarantining new fish with the Med Trio, but should I really be medicating my display tank as well?

Maybe only medicate the existing display tank fish for parasites since I don't really see any fish that are ill in the display tank.

Would this be a good idea, so that the existing fish don't infect the new fish with tapeworms when I introduce the new fish into the display tank after they are cleaned out in a few weeks in my quarantine tank/tub?

I can see this being a viscous cycle of infection between new and old fish. 

Can anyone give me their thoughts on this subject. How do you handle new and existing fish?

Oh and Amano and King Kong Red Shrimp were just added to the display tank, I didn't quarantine them hope they do ok.

And... the new fish being quarantined with the Med Trio are 16 Neon Tetras and 4 Sterbi Corydoras. 





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