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New tank for $18


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YES, currently I am inline to get this tank for $18 from an auction. I also have a bid on a 90g with stand for just under $100. The largest tank I have ever had is my current 30g, which I have had for several years. I have also only had HOB's. Both the ones I am looking at have built in filters. I will attach pictures. I am looking for pros and cons please.

Screenshot_20210107-184716_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210107-185256_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210107-184809_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210107-185636_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210107-185647_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Ooooo how fun.  

canister filters (I’ve done a lot of research, but never used one. So take this with a grain of salt)

pros: larger media and filtering capacity.  Likely quieter.  
cons: can be a challenge to get set up and operating right.  A leak can drain the tank onto your floor.  


pros:  you already know how to run them.  Lower entry costs 

cons: not as much flexibility in you media, cartridges every month or so

i would try to get the canister filter working, if for now other reason, to learn how to do it.  You can always augment with a HOB.

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