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Slightly embarrassing question: is this poop or should I be concerned for my fish?


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I was having similar questions as I just started with a few fish too.  I read somewhere that you can watch it, and if it eventually detaches and falls to the substrate, it's probably poop as worms will retract back into the body.  I also freaked out after I fed some colored flake food when the poop sting hanging out was red and looked possibly like camallanus worms.  But it eventually broke off and floated down.

I suppose this would not help if you're actively deworming and the fish are shedding them.  Here's a petmd article describing some common types of worms: 


How can you tell if the worms in your fish tank are the good kind or the bad? And how do you get rid of the worms without harming any of the other lives in the tank? Learn about aquatic worms here.

There are probably a number of Aquarium Co-op blog articles/videos diagnosing, and may have good images/video of what worms can look like. 

Good luck and hope it's just poop! 😆 what kind of fish is that? it's beautiful!

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