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Found 10 results

  1. Aqua junky

    Red pooh!

    My new puffer Pete I noticed him pooping and it looks like his guts are falling out his bum! Im pretty sure its red due to this tank being filled with cherry shrimp wi h Im hoping hes snacking on. Either its him eating shrimp or hes got serious issues. Whats yalls opinions? Sorry for blurry pics it was a horrible angle. I also just got done running a round of the parasites meds through him also
  2. Just noticed this on my platy who I had thought was pregnant. Acts very healthy. Have no idea how to treat if a worm. Anyone point me in the right direction? 20 gallon tank. I do feed live mosquito larvae as a treat. New to tanking. Help and thanks ahead.
  3. I did not think much before but the corydras in quarantine tank is pooping out white poop from the day 1 I got;They came here 10th of March.They are still in quarantine tank because one of them is flashing and I started treating the flashing with paraguard. White poop indicate something?Or is it normal poop from corydras? I know fish poop has color to it but... I am new corycat keeper and not sure if that is normal or not. Thank you.
  4. My juvenile Ryukins all have bubbles in their stool. I feed them a varied diet of Repashy, frozen brine, Saki Hikari and duckweed. I have two sponge filters (with air stones) in the tank and the tank stays around 72 degrees. My oranda and Ranchu have never had this. All swim and act normally. Should I be concerned?
  5. I have always wondered if this is true or just a myth:. It is beneficial to keep snails (some say specifically mystery snails) in neocaridina shrimp tanks because the shrimp will eat the poop. Some even say they gain beneficial enzymes from the poop. So myth? Or truth? Also you fabolous folk feel free to post your own question of is it myth or truth on this thread.
  6. Hey friends! I realised my flowerhorn has hexamita and pop eye too a week back , I decided to treat him with API general cure , I did follow the instructions and on 4 th I did water change but still it's pooping thread like substance Can someone help me and tell me what is this string like substance? What should be my next step?
  7. Does this kind of poop indicate parasites?
  8. I’m embarrassed to even ask this but I’m new to the hobby after being out of it since I was a kid. Is that white thing by his back fin poop or some kind of problem?
  9. Good evening! So, I’ve been treating my tank for months, trying to help everyone get healthy. I did three rounds of the Aquarium Co-op meds trio and now I’m trying the API General Cure. I just administered the second dose and one Platy had this poop. It looks like white bumps. See photos, please. Is there any chance I can assume this is the parasite finally leaving her body? Any info is so greatly appreciated.
  10. My fish are currently battling tapeworms. I saw this in one of the tank, is it some sort of worm infested poop? Is it plant matter? Dragonfly larvae? Thanks for any advice
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