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Air supply for multiple tank


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how big of tanks, how long of runs for the air lines? with smaller tanks and shorter line runs , a single pump sized for 100-200 gallon tank may feed it, and just run it through a manifold  (series of valves). 


Split One Line Into Four Controllable At Each Valve All Metal Construction A gang valve is a great way to split air between accessories or multiple aquariums. This gang valve features four outlets and up to two inlets. Each...

something like that.

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I have 2 tens with double a double port pump each and a 75 with a double and a single port. A 33 long is cycling with two single port pumps. I also have a 55 in the wings- all in a 10' x 15' foot room in the basement in Michigan so heaters are necessary.  Spending on larger once seems better.


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