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Stop (the) Gap Measure for Tank Lids


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Please share photos or descriptions of how you deal with small gaps in your aquarium lid. 

The attached photo is the rear of my tank where the plastic strip came up short, and my airline and heater cord come out.  I have a bunch of fiberglass door screening material, so I cut it in small pieces and make slits to accommodate cords and lines.  If needed, part of it could be hot melt glued (or other non toxic adhesive) to the plastic strip or tank edge.  May not prevent the smallest snails from going on walkabout, but I think it will prevent most fish.  


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I think it really depends on which tank inhabitants you have. Some fish are specifically known for jumping out of tanks. Some snails are known for going walkabout. I've never had a Nerite, Ramshorn, Assassin or pond snail leave the tank. But my first mystery snail left the tank the first week we had him. And that tank was completely covered! But he was big enough that his shell pushed up the plastic lid as he moved and he was on the floor by the time we found him. Sheesh...I was a nervous wreck!

So, it's really up to the individual person and the individual fish/snail. If you are more comfortable having a cover, then have one! We ending up running a strip of packing tape along the plastic lid on the above mentioned tank and the snail couldn't move it after that. I've also filled up spaces with baskets of plants, allowing the roots of float in the tank. You can also use plastic mesh used for knitting projects. 

I saved all the pieces that I cut out for HOB filters back when I used those. Since I don't use them now, I'm able to put that spare piece back on the glass lid to fill the open space. I usually just let the lid sit on the airline tubing. It's never restricted the airflow as far as I could tell. 🙂 


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