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Shell Dwellers: Population Self-Control?

Bill Smith

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Hey all,

We know that in livebearer tanks, overpopulation is more or less prevented by virtue of the fact that the adults eat the fry, and keep their numbers under control if they become too numerous for the fry to hide effectively. It's a nice feature: population control with nutrition built-in!

I have a couple Neolamprologus multifasciatus tanks where the numbers are really growing. Does anyone know if they tend to slow down their breeding cycles if the numbers grow too high? What's your story?



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In my experience, they don't slow down. Once every 3 months, I have to sell 1/2 the tank or it's ridiculously crowded. 

One of my friends who keeps them also keeps 6 bar fronts with them for population control... I was surprised they didn't go after the adults, but he usually has about the same size colony so I suppose it works.

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