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Hi, I purchased MAX-I Pre-Filter with plans to hook it up on my 10gal Guppy tank so i can add shrimp & protect any babies that may be born but when it arrived I noticed the package says for aquariums over 20gal so i was wondering if I can still use this or should I get something different ? Thank you

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If it's the one by Aquarium Technology, on the box it says "Up to 20 gallons".  The next size up says "up to 40 gallons." 

I'm no expert, but I think larger is ok as long as it fits your equipment and you don't mind how it looks in the tank.  I installed one of Cory's nano sponge filter in the 2.5-gallon planted tank I set up for my boyfriend's niece to house her betta (who was living in a bowl...so this is a major upgrade, LOL). It's rated for aquariums 5 gallons but it works just fine...

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