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Help with Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery


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Maybe someone here can help me. I've been hatching brine shrimp every day for the past 2 years. I've been using Dean's DIY method for several months. I bought 2 Ziss Brine shrimp hatcheries and seem to be struggling with them for some reason.

Not sure if I have it set up wrong, but the rigid tubing doesn't seem to be long enough. Even with the air stone, it does not circulate the eggs properly. I've tried a lot of air, and little air.

I've attached photos showing how the hatchery collects a lot of eggs at the bottom. It also takes several hours for salt to dissolve from the bottom vs any other Hatchery the salt will dissolve quickly. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!




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I don’t use  the air stone. Also use a piece of airline tubing between the nipple on the lid and the rigid airline tubing so that it is long enough to touch the bottom of the cone. If that is already being done, I’d need more details to help trouble shoot.


i find it doesn’t need much air, I use the usb nano pump.

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I've had the best results -- in terms of circulating all the eggs -- by jamming some tubing up the spout and running air through there, in addition to air through the rigid tubing at the top. Otherwise I get eggs settling in the corners, even if I lengthen the rigid tubing. It looks like you use a much higher density than I do (I add 1-2 tsp per 2 liters) so YMMV.

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