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Placement of Hornwort in a tank?

Marnol D

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About 6 months ago I removed all the hornwort from my one tank that housed it and thought i was left with one little half inch clipping of it thats ive been nursing back to health. Well to my surprise i looked in a bucket on my back balcony that has maybe 3 inches of water in it and found that some Java moss and Hornwort were left in the bucket and have thrived! 

Now when introducing the hornwort the the tank should i let it free float too acclimate back to warmer water? Or should i plant it in the substrate? I know hornwort is a column so it will draw from the water column for food but will it being close to the light cause it to grow faster?(weird because it seems to enjoy being in a dark bucket with little light. Also i run a sponge filter so i dont have to worry about a HOB sucking it in. 

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im floating it now. Ill probably let it float but attatch it somehow in a corner where it doesn't go balistic or cover to much light.  


Edit: Well it was floating but decided it would rather latch onto one of my taller moneywort shoots that are about to hit the top of the water level.

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