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Marineland HOB filters


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I have 3 of the 100b penguin. Normally 39 dollars, online match for 12.95 and I had 10 dollar off coupons so they cost me 3 bucks each. 2 are on 20 longs, the other is on a 10. Have played with many configurations but this is what i ended up doing. Ive taken 1 cartridge and cut off the floss and removed the carbon. It is now just a divider. On the back half i cram as much polyfill as i can get in there. In the empty space bewteen the divider and the biowheel is a filter bag of ceramic rings. Sometimes on top of that I drop a small bag of purogen. There are intake sponge filters on them as well and each tank also has a coop sponge filter. I change the floss about every other week. I doubt the biowheel really does anything but about every third day I shake them off. They quit turning if I let them go a week. Seem to get waterlogged and too heavy to turn.
I also have an unused 350 that needs a tank to go on.




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