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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, so I know in his video on the tips and tricks on aquarium filters he goes over some of the issues with this filter and does not like it in general but I still have questions and you all may be able to help me with this. The video name that I watched is Aquarium Filter Tips and Tricks! Start Saving Money Now! if anyone wants to watch it to see what I am referring to. Thank you all in advance, Proceed to questions. So first things first, the sponge he puts on the intake, it would still leave a hole in the bottom of it to suck up the fish so I was wondering what I could use to block this hole or if there was a specific way to plug it safely and easily? I'm sure I could rig it on my own but I don't wanna make matters worse. Also, On the sponges he places in the back of the filter instead of the cartridges that come with it or are designed for it, how often should I clean them? Should I do one at a time like once a week do a sponge or just clean them all at once every month? Promise last question, ok for the bio wheels, are they necessary? Should I worry about it if they wear out and get replacements or just remove them and let things go?
  2. I saw Cory's modification of this desktop aquarium's filtration system. I was just wondering if instead of doing the modification from YouTube, could you just use a HOB to make the filtration work.
  3. I have a tempered 90g Marineland tank that I'm brainstorming for at the moment. It's eventually going to be a Discus tank. Tempered glass...aka you can't drill. With that said, I've contemplated doing a sump for it. My reasoning is that I REALLY want to hide heaters, and a thermometer. I found this hang on back overflow. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/deluxe-cs90-with-lid-and-aqua-lifter.html My only worry is the bulkhead in the overflow leaking at some point. OR, there's this DIY pvc overflow method. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/this-guy-want-a-beaslbob-trap.36891/ Yes, I know: the safe route is to just hide the heaters with plants. But, I'd like to avoid having to hide them, if I can accomplish this safely. If this were you, would you do it (either overflow method)? Regardless of your answer, please explain.
  4. What's up everyone. Yesterday afternoon the ceramic rod (spindle) for the impeller on my cannister filter broke! In 2 places! Has anyone dealt with this issue on their filters? I scrambled to try to find a replacement impeller locally with no avail. Amazon is the quickest resolution unfortunately. I did end up doing some backyard engineering to keep me going until tomorrow. So far my makeshift spindle is functioning well. I lost one Black Phantom Tetra during the down time on the filter as this was also the very first day running co2 in the tank (unlucky). - Joe
  5. Those of you that use marineland HOB filters, I'd like to see how you have set up your filters if you are not using the cartridge's. What are you for media and how do you have it arranged in the box?
  6. I remembered that a couple of you have this same tank, so I thought I'd share what I'm working on and ask a few questions. I plan to set this up as a QT. I removed the pump, tubing and filter material. Then I used a razor blade to remove the sealant on the plastic partition that has caused everyone so much trouble. It was really satisfying to get it out of there and see I was left with a nice open tank! My questions: Do you all use this tank with its pedestal? I've never quite understood the use of it, because it doesn't support the entire tank bottom. Is there a reason for that? If there is, I've not figured it out. I'm concerned about the less-than-tight-fitting lid. The front leaves about a 1/2 inch gap and the back one is bigger, even with the light attached and the air hose going out there. Have any of you lost fish through those spaces? Has anyone removed the black vinyl from the back of the tank? If so, was it difficult to get off? I plan to run it bare-bottom with a small sponge filter. The filter has been in another tank for several months, and I also used some water from that tank too. I plan to plant a couple of clippings from stem plants (from my aquariums) in rockwool in little mesh cups to pop in there too. Any other suggestions or tips with this tank? Thanks so much!
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