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Goldfish has ich?

The nano tank man

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I would treat with ich x, dosing everyday and then doing a waterchange on the 3rd, 5th and final day of treatment. You can use salt to, it does miracles. 

Also remember to do filter matnience. Often I forget and I wonder why my tank water is dirty, then I remember (when was the last time I cleaned out the filter)

b/c their goldfish I would keep the tempeture at what it is at.

This worked for me in 6 days. And my angelfish, had WAY more ich.

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19 minutes ago, Colu said:

Increase water changes and gravel vacing I have A12 year old gold fish and produce more waste then   my 30tetras 

I do water changes 2 timea a week. I only feed a smalk chunk of rapashy plus some green peas. O hate askibg all these quetions but I cant take any chances. (My past goldfish dies from ich) 

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