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If you have goldfish and also feed rapashy to them I found out a way to keep your goldfishes digestion system healthy.

So when you are making rapashy you can also mix in mashed green peas which is what I do every time.

You can also add greens like steamed red leaf lettuce and steamed broccoli

Doibg this means your goldfish are getting healthy vegetables every day

As many fish keepers know most fish food(essoecially goldfish) is mostly protein rich. This is great for sone species of fish like betta's that primarily eat protein rich foods. But for goldfish I find adding peas or other greens really makes a differebce in twrms of color and how active your fish are

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That's great advice! I haven't kept goldfish for years, but when I did, I fed them spinach and kale. I used to hang it on the side with chip clips. I bought some Anacharis to float in the tank once and they devoured it within a few days, so I ended up dumping it in by the handfuls weekly as food as well. 

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