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Salt in planted tanks


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Hi all: I am a long-time hobbyist but fairly new to planted tanks.  I've seen Cory add salt into aquariums with live plants and understand that most plants can tolerate some salt. My aquarium is planted with dwarf water lettuce, water sprite, anubias nana petitejava fern and some java fern.  I am getting ready to make a second treatment reformer and want to add some salt for the synergistic effect on internal parasites. My question is how much salt can I safely add before it becomes too toxic for my plants? Would you use normal salt, Epsom salt (for the laxative effect on expelling parasites and mineral benefits to plants) or a combination of the two?

Water parameters are:

Temperature 78 degrees

PH 7.2

Zero ammonia and nitrites, nitrates vary but never more than 40ppm

Moderate hardness

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