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Cool looking algae. Problem?


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Hi everyone,

i have a 50gal tank and a 30gal sump setup with a bunch of val and some shrimp.

i have the lights on for 7 hours per day and it’s a full spectrum LED light

It’s a re-setup for this tank with new substrate and two established sponge filters.

The question is - would the amano shrimp be able to take care of all this algae or should i start trimming it? They’re still small - about .5” - 1”.


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You may need to try lowering your lighting power or time a bit. Do your lights offer any output control?

In the meantime, I would use a wooden skewer or two to sweep up as much of that as you can. You can twirl it around to capture the hair algae and gently pull it away from the plants.

In the long run, you would benefit from adding more plants


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Thank you all! 
i will let the val grow out everywhere and there is val in a section of the sump.

i believe the algae is there because of the easy green i put in when i started it out so eventually the val should take care of the underlying issue once it grows in.

i will chopstick it out since my amanos are still small

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