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What is the proper way to get bulb plants (dwarf aquarium lily and what not) to sprout? Ive have two bulbs submerged in my tank for 2 weeks and they are still firm but they havent sprouted yet. Would it be possible to sprout them out of water by planting them in a pot with dirt and keeping them wet? Is there any tips to get them to sprout if i try them again?


Thank you,

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Hi again! I'm not sure if you already heard about this but there's a top and bottom to bulbs. According to Cory there's no way to tell which side is correct. If you haven't seen growth after about 3 weeks flip it over. If another 3 weeks have passed without growth you might just have some bad bulbs. there's also a blog post on Aquarium Co-Op's website about it that describes better then I can.

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Wrote 2 weeks when it's 3
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