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Hello From GA!!!


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Hi Everyone, coming back to the hobby been taking care of a 55g -10g and two 3.5g aquariums, love it!!! I have Guppies, Cori's, Tetras and a beutiful Betta called Sebastian. And how can I forget my snails...

Looking forward to learn form all of you and have fun at the same time.




pic 2.jpg

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On 11/27/2020 at 11:54 PM, Ruud said:

Welcome to the forum. Being a plant lover as well, I do like the setup with the stand with tanks and plants. Do tell us what you are holding in your tanks. From the pic it seems the 55G is pretty empty and the 10 is holding fry?


  • 3.5g Top - Guppy Fry
  • 3.5g Bottom - Male Betta
  • 1.5g Middle - Snails only
  • 10g - Guppy and some fry
  • 55g -Tetra Zebras, Tetra Glow, Tetra Diamond

I'm currently working on the 55 is allot of space to have small fish but I like small fish so plenty to have fun. I'm being very careful on what species I want to put in there but so far is very fun love the tetra Zebras though 🙂

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forgot a tank
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