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Hello Coop community, 

French hobbyist with multiple tanks syndrome. Currently maintaining 9 freshwater tanks, 3 big shrimp and plants jars, and 1 goldfish pond, with a very understanding partner.

I'm mostly into planted community aquariums, trying to find the best formula to efficiently breed pea puffers, and waiting for red eye red tails to finally be available again somewhere.

Deeply regretting that I can't make an order on aquarium coop, I'd love to get my hands on many of the products that are not easy to find here, or simply look better than what we can find here, and also some nerm merch. One day I'll have my coop towel and murphy hat.

After learning so much thanks to coop and friends youtube videos since I fell into the hobby, it was natural to end up on the forum.

It also was a good opportunity since I'm having troubles with betta breeding and hope the community can help.

That's it I think. 🙂 Hope I can learn new things here.







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Welcome to the forum! We are happy to have you here.

It's always very interesting to see how fish keepers in other countries manage their hobby, what fish & supplies are available, how the water quality is, etc. Just jump right into posting when you feel comfortable!

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