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Hi All. 

I'm in the UK. I live in an area that has liquid rock water. Since leaving the EU, reliable, healthy imports have become difficult and more expensive, so I'm starting my own little home business specifically breeding fish for hard water.

I have a 90g tank: 4ft long x 2ft tall x18" deep. I also have a 4ft low boy. 

I have two ideas for breeding stock:

1: 90g with multis plus one or two other Tanganyikan Cichlids to occupy middle and top.

2: 90g with something else and low boy for multis only.

My questions are, which option would you choose and what other cichlids would be suitable/ profitable? 


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Posted (edited)

If you’re intending to breed your multis. You’ll want a species only tank to maximize your fry. The problem with trying to sell multis is the numbers you’re going to get. You can easily overload your market. Happened near Chicago. But you have other options. Live bearers would sell well. Other African species would work well. Kribensis, julidichromis, lot of other lamprologs. And plenty of African rock dwellers as well. Could even try hap and peacocks if you’re up to it. Lots of African cichlids are mouth brooders, much easier than doing some of the egg scatterers. I’d hate to say what to try as you’ll need to scout your local market and find the needs. And really, you could still do lots of South American species as well. It all depends on what your area wants. And what you would like. And wouldn’t worry so much about the hard water. It’s perfectly normal for most of us. And Fish have a good deal of adaptability as well. Clean water is more important than hard water.  Good luck 

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