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Beginner questions, too much eating.

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I started feeling my 1 betta, neon tetras, and pygmy Cory with frozen brine shrimp. They all seem to eat it very happy but betta hangs around food and keep eating. 

Look at his stomach and he ate some more. Can fish eat until he is in some kind stomach problem? 

Already lost 2 neons out of 15 so far. I have no idea why they died.


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Fish will eat until they become constipated and sick, especially greedy pig betta fish. The digestive tract will become swollen and press on their swim bladder making it hard for them to stay properly oriented. Frozen brine shrimp are not particularly nutritious either. You want a wide variety of foods, some combination of flakes and pellets for the betta would be better than feeding the same thing every day. Frozen foods are a good treat once a week or so but not an every day food. 

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On 5/6/2024 at 3:35 AM, khongor said:

Thank you for advise Doktor Zhivago. I'll start working on different foods.

Tubiworm food from Coop good on nutrition? 

It's more about variety than one particular food. Same as your own diet. If you just eat potato chips all day everyday it's not very healthy but eating a bag every now and then isn't really problematic 

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