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Can i use Tannins for cory eggs?


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On 3/14/2024 at 5:00 AM, Mr.catfish said:

I have heard thet useing eldercones/tannins works like methylene blue In this video: 

Does it work?

Yes tannins works similar to using methylene blue but natural to prevent eggs from fungus. I believe the tannins from oak leaves and wood used in a 20 long helped  apistogramma eggs. I have hard water really perfect for CA and african cichlid. 

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It is a benefit, but it may or may not be strong enough to have an impact.  The best thing is going to be using a tumbler, colony breeding, or having a very clean setup (not a ton of muck in the tank rotting).


On my corydoras eggs I get these little gnat looking things.  I can't imagine they are beneficial.  Some people also use neocaridina shrimp to keep them clean.  Amano shrimp will seek out and eat the eggs like caviar.

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