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Limia nigrofasciata

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Limia nigrofasciata-Humpback limia

I would like to complete the livebearer category of BAP at my fish club.  Our clubs always have too many standard livebearers guppies , Mollies, platies, swordtails, and endlers.  So I’m using the opportunity to learn about less common livebearers and do fish I’ve not previously bred.


I just picked up my new young juveniles from a club member.  F48B24A2-1646-4F5E-94BF-B20BD11321A6.jpeg.e596facd4c800582b293338e78ddfa51.jpeg
I’ll post what I learn  as I go.  

Woohoo new to me fish 😍 (and an easy community fish to take a break from dwarf cichlid drama 🤣)

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Things I’ve noticed right away is these are serious predators. 

I heavy fed grindles and Ken’s high protein fry green .2mm last night.  For me immediate plentiful feeding when introducing new fish seems to help them settle in quickly. They wiped out ALL of the food I put in quickly.  

This tank sat empty with only shrimp for a few weeks so baby shrimp covered the glass surfaces.  This morning I can’t find a single shrimplette but the Limia have very plump bellies 🤣

Within minutes of me sitting in front of their tank this morning they all came to the glass in the area I fed them and stared me down.  So immediate food lady recognition.  🐷 

These were by no means underfed fish.  I swapped with a breeder at the club who won several breeder awards last year as well as CARES breeder of the year.  These were healthy well conditioned fish. So I imagine that much like guppies and mollies these may have a predisposition for obesity.  I need to tailor my feeding of live foods that survive in tank to less and spread it out so they don’t gorge.  

The second thing that’s already apparent is these need to be female heavy groups.  The breeder said he started with only 1 male and his spawns have been extremely heavy female by about 5-1.  
My guppies and mollies were always 2/3-1 female heavy.  With those that was a great group ratio because the boys fixate on 1 girl at a time so each girl always got a break from the affection.

He gave me 1 boy and 5 girls based on his spawn ratio.  This also seems to be a perfect group dynamic ratio.  This boy loves them all.  He keeps the girls herded into a tighter shoal and spends a few seconds woo-ing each girl non stop.  As soon as s girl breaks from the group to investigate something he loves her back into the group. His belly though plump is not near as plump as the girls this morning and his non stop affections are my suspected reason. 

Internet descriptions and photos do not do these little ones justice.  I’m enchanted  




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They are just lovely. Are you sure you have the nigrofasciata and not the isla? They look so close and main difference is behavior they say

People here keep them occasionally, I found a video of one keeper and you have fun times to look forward to


they observe Limias will eat ANYTHING including their own babies, which is strange for a livebearer. Hungry hungry pigies! 

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On 2/9/2024 at 11:06 AM, beastie said:

Are you sure you have the nigrofasciata and not the isla

I’m pretty sure. The guy I got them from is super active with cares conservation and big on proper id. he said the adult males do get the hump. These are young and just coming into sexual maturity. I couldn’t tell the difference at this point to save my life 🤷‍♀️

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