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dwarf red gularis killifish fry help


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So I have a breeding pair in a blackwater tank with lots of salvinia. I took some salvinia out and put it in my shrimp tank because I had to much in my killi tank. About a week later or so I see 30+ fry. So the shrimp tank is hard water and my breeding tank is soft water, what should I do? I've had them in my shrimp tank for coming on 2 weeks and I'm not sure if I should grow them up some before trying to slowly acclimate them to a blackwater set-up or what. I don't want to stress the fry out, they are literally just 2 eyes and a stomach floating around still. Seemingly none have passed and all seem to be doing fine. Any one have experience with fry being born in an extremely different pH then what they should be in?

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