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I don't have a quarantine tank. How much risk am I taking by adding cherry shrimp to my display tank? I recently medicated it for sick platys (to no avail). I already have around 7-10 young shrimp born in the tank but want to boost the colony's growth.

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You can always use a bucket for QT.

Basically what you want to do is have the shrimp in a specimen container while they drip acclimate and check for parasites. Aquarium breeder has good articles for shrimp diseases with photos.

Second to that, if you have a shrimp with an issue, then you can use a tote as a QT tank. Girl talks fish, Irene, has a video on setting one up.


Are the new shrimp from the same source?

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On 1/30/2024 at 2:41 PM, Lennie said:

What medication are we talking about here? Some are known to be deadly meanwhile some others can be okay

Is the treatment done? Did you do water changes and run active carbon?

I did the trio - Maracyn, Ich-X, and ParaCleanse. After that treatment was completed I did not notice a great improvement with all my platys. I then did a course of API Fin & Body Cure. During that treatment, I noticed a slight elevation in Nitrite levels ~.15ppm. In response, I did daily water changes and added Seachem Stability to make sure I had enough good bacteria. About 5-6 days later the Nitrate levels went back to 0. However, I did see two shrimp die around this period. I don't know if that had to do with the medication or something else. This was about a month ago.

I did find a dead mature shrimp this week. The water parameters have been stable enough for them to reproduce though. However, I now can't find as many shrimp as I did count when they were babies. They have good places to hide as well.

As far as filtration, I'm using a sponge filter. I did not run active carbon.



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