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Larger Gudgeons?

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You should hunt down Sicyopterus lagocephalus

Red-tailed Goby from Pacific Islands… so interesting! You’ll want to up your flow. Check this out:

To set this up, I suggest adding a spraybar. I have no idea where you’d find them, but it’s worth hunting down!


Now, on another vein, I keep some North American natives in _cold_ water that act similarly to Gobys, and can display lovely colors:





These are Orange-throat Darters from Ohio, in a tank with Rainbow Shiners from Alabama.

Unlike Gobys, they do not eat much algae. Darters require live foods and frozen bloodworms.

But there are hundreds of species with a variety of colors. I can show you lots of photos… but I’ll hold off on crowding your thread.

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Larger gudgeons are pretty rare. I doubt you will have much luck finding someone with experience with them. 

The purple spot gudgeon appears to be the easiest fish to track down on online retailers and might be your best bet.

The other two require more riverine style setups which I have if you want some ideas. I have a 50g lowboy with rhinogobies


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