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When Catastrophe Strikes

Canuck AquaTropix

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I've been battling with H. Septicemia for a few months now in two of my tanks.  I've pretty much tried evey medication with zero success.  Fish are not dying, just becoming more and more red 😞

I think it's time to let them go.  In total I will need to euthanize around 6-7 fish at once.  To be honest this almost makes me want to quit the hobby altogether.  

I am going to use clove oil in a large plastic container.

Has anyone else ever had to kill so many fish at one time?  Need support here 😞

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So sorry, @Mudkicker. That really stinks!

I had to euthanize several of my shrimp last year. They developed ellobiopsidae, for which there is no known cure. It was really hard, but I was glad it was a painless process & that they would not continue to suffer.

These are the difficult parts of being pet owners. I'm glad we can talk it out with each other when we have to go through it.

Alesha (akconklin)

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