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Found 9 results

  1. I have a Betta who is ~4+ years. He’s been laying on the bottom of his own 10g tank for a few weeks, I have tested, salted, medicated, reduced water so he didn’t struggle to get to the top, finally moved him to a small 1.5 g so I could focus in, to get him food, made a black water tank & he’s just not improved. I think the humane thing would be to euthanize, but it’s just so difficult to actually do! Either way I feel terrible. Any words of wisdom?
  2. Greetings This morning I euthanized one of my corydoras and I wonder if I did the right thing. He has always looked a bit sickly - his dorsal fin always down, not doing much with the other 6 cory. Lately he started having odd swimming behavior. He would swim on the same spot in the middle of the tank, facing the glass, breathing rapidly. Yesterday he rested on a leaf at the very top of the aquarium for hours, still breathing very fast. I saw 2-3 white spots on his tail too. Then he swam back and forth in the tank, never settling for long but he was still eating so I didn’t do anything. This morning he was at the bottom of the tank, motionless but still breathing very fast. My nerite snail was actually climbing on him… I moved the snail away and gently nudge the fish - he didn’t move. It’s only when I tried to net him out that he swam a bit, but would then sink back. That’s when I decided to euthanize him. But as I put him in the small container with clover oil, he stated moving frantically, jumped out of the container… I wasn’t expecting him to have so much energy still, so I wonder if I acted prematurely? 😢
  3. What are the chances she'll recover? Put her in hospital tank 2 days ago with aquarium salt. Today she looked worse. Dosed with Imagitarium bacterial remedy. Label doesn't say what it's good for specifically. Gh 60 kh 40 ph 7 no2 0.5 no3 20
  4. Hi all, my angelfish has been sick for several weeks, hasn’t been eating for about three weeks. It’s mouth kind of disappeared, it has a hole like it’s flesh has been eaten off, and some smaller holes in its body. My LFS suggestion was to treat with erythromycin, wich i did. Then I thought it might be HITH so I switched to seachem metroplex. Nothing helps. It’s horrible to see. I am considering euthanizing with clove oil, but can’t make myself doing it. Can someone give me an advice please? Should I do it?
  5. I know the fastest way to kill a snail is to crush it, but I need to dispose of gravel that's full of snails. I won't be able to get all of them out. So how do I cause their death to be quick and painless before I trash the gravel?
  6. Hiya everyone! My German blue ram has been at the bottom of the tank for 2 weeks now. She is in a hospital tank and using esha meds. It seems like she can’t swim up and always sinks back to the bottom of the tank. She has also not eaten in a week! All water parameters are good! Is there a way to Euthanize a fish humanly?she is 1 year old and always been my little favorite! I have also been using salt but no different! Any suggestions
  7. Hello, My question is Do Fish Show Old Age, particularly neon tetras? I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank with about 14 community fish: white skirted tetras, neon tetras, a Chinese algae eater, and a few hatchet fish. Some of my fish are over 6 years old. One of my neon tetras has a bent spine exactly like that shown in Corey's video, "The Truth About Neon Tetra Disease". It also no longer has eyes. I thought it was because of the advanced age of the tetra. It still eats and seems to manage. Corey mentioned NTD is often wrongly diagnosed & over the years I have had one or two other neons get the bent spine but no other symptoms so thought it was just old age. Do fish show their age this way or is it suffering from NTD and I should I euthanize it? (I do not have another aquarium to quarantine it.) No other fish show these symptoms. Any help will be much appreciated!! Thank you very much!
  8. I've been battling with H. Septicemia for a few months now in two of my tanks. I've pretty much tried evey medication with zero success. Fish are not dying, just becoming more and more red 😞 I think it's time to let them go. In total I will need to euthanize around 6-7 fish at once. To be honest this almost makes me want to quit the hobby altogether. I am going to use clove oil in a large plastic container. Has anyone else ever had to kill so many fish at one time? Need support here 😞
  9. Planted 20g long; 78 degrees; Ammonia and Nitrite 0; Nitrate ~20. 1 Betta, 9 Kuhli Loaches. I bought my Betta (“Aurelius”) from the Co-Op in June. About 1 month ago he went blind. I treated with both Paracleanse and Maracyn just in case something secondary was causing the blindness. About 1 week ago a tumor began to grow under his “chin.” It has continued to grow and his breathing is now labored. He is in his floating log with his mouth at the top of the water so that he can get air. My guess is his gills aren’t working well enough to sustain him. I don’t want him to continue to suffer, but I am too emotionally invested to properly executed the “whack and stab” method of euthanasia, and I have read mixed messages about clove oil. If anyone has an advice on how to ease his suffering, please let me know.
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