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Should I use the Med Trio?


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I got 5 CPDs and 4 guppies from Petsmart and ended up losing 2 CPDs and 3 guppies.  I got some more fish and now I’m considering doing the med trio. All water perimeters are stable and all the guppies were active and eating. They were in a different tank than the cpds. One was a bit skinny but eating and active. Came down stairs to 2 dead and then a 3rd the next day. The 4th is fine though. That was 2-3 days ago. 

Is the med trio still recommended and if so then is this article still accurate on dosing and instructions? Sorry it’s been a while since I got new fish. Been obsessed with shrimp the last year so wanting to double check. Also I have maracyn and maracyn 2 so which would you do?

 https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/faqs/how-to-use-quaratine-med-trio#:~:text=If you just purchased some,parasitic diseases they may have.


Ph - 7-7.2

Amonia - 0

nitrites - 0

nitrates - 5

kH - 1-2

gH - 6-9

Temp - 74°



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