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Betta is dying?


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My betta is a year old now from when I bought him but he may be older but he sits in his cave and sits and sits…he is not breathing almost at all but he goes for air and that is like 3 or so times a day. I thought he was dead this morning as he was in the same exact spot the night before…I don’t think I can do anything about it…he doesn’t eat or even come out of his cave. He has swim bladder I think so I let him fast 2 days and was gonna feed him daphnia yesterday but he wouldn’t come…I am not asking for me to do more medication as this has not helped him at all….just asking if is gonna die soon…his paremeters are good but he got swim bladder and I don’t think he will make it but just asking…..😔

27205B19-DD31-4F1E-B115-D2A884C87ACB.jpegHe also lays side ways a lot…..

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Ammonia 0 ppm. Nitrates 5 ppm. Nitrite 0ppm. Temp. 78 degrees.

On 1/22/2024 at 11:43 PM, Creedmoor Aquatics said:

What parameters have you tested for, and what were they? 
What temperature is the tank? 


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