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  1. My 3 year coin finally arrived!! I keep these on my desk in the office to fidget with.
  2. The Easy Plant LEDs have extension brackets so they will always fit the next size up, so a 16" light would be no problem on a 20" tank. I think it comes down to what kind of plants you want to grow. If you're looking for a lot of red or white plants (poor photosynthesizers) or growing a carpet of dwarf baby tears, etc maybe the extra lumens of the larger light would be useful. Otherwise I'd say the tank is small enough and short enough you should be just fine with a 16", and will probably want to turn the brightness down anyways.
  3. 60 gallon cube tank with 2x 24" Easy Plant LEDs, both running at 100%, for 12 hours per day
  4. I'm just in love with these purple males, I do not see the likes of them online.
  5. Those look great! I think I'd have to pick Pseudomugil Furcatus as a favorite, with Gertrudae Aru II as a close second.
  6. There's a notable sexual dimorphism in the color of these White Clouds. The males are significantly more purplish in the body, versus a more coppery color in the females. The shrimp have been doing well with the Repashy Soilent Green, but I thought I'd give the Repashy Community Plus a try for the WCMMs. The good news is the shrimp love it, the bad news is these WCMMs won't eat anything unless its floating around in the water column. I could probably use it as a powder food, but I was interested in the gel food for its clean-feeding properties.
  7. I've been interested in learning more about white (sometimes called platinum?) plants. It seems like they're white because they lack the normal amount of chlorophyll, used in photosynthesis, which would leave them slow-growing.
  8. A drawback to the cork board used to float the emmersed plants has been tannins and generally increased cloudiness. I've been resistant to the idea of a canister filter since the start, but I decided I wanted to use Purigen and filter floss to really polish the water, so I broke down and bought a SunSun HW-3000. I chose it for being budget friendly, having a built in UV sterilizer, and a DC pump that could be turned down for reduced noise (currently running at 530 gph). I pulled the AquaShine UV sterilizer out of the tank and will be bringing it home for my new 55 gallon. The new filter was pretty much immediately effective, and after 36 hours had produced clean, clear water.
  9. Today I used a large plastic bottle with the neck cutoff, then inverted and stapled back into place, to make a shrimp trap for the Bloody Mary shrimp in my 60 gallon office tank. In total I trapped 296 shrimp, of which 17 were culled. I bagged 50 to bring home for my new 55 gallon tank, and the remaining 229 were returned to the tank. I certainly did not trap all the shrimp in the tank, particularly the mothers with eggs and the smallest juveniles seemed less adventurous and eager to enter the trap. In fact I did not trap a single berried female though I spotted quite a few in the tank. On the other hand, I did manage to cull the shrimp I had specifically noticed in the tank and wanted removed. Of the 17 culls 1 would have passed for a Blue Dream, 2 could nearly have though they had a few red spots, 4 were a very dark, nearly black blue, 3 were an equally dark red, 2 were outright dark chocolate, and the remaining 5 were red but with very little color. Overall I was pleased with the results which seemed to justify my estimates of 500+ shrimp in the tank, as well as the overall quality of the Bloody Mary line, with 5.7% of the shrimp culled. This being my first culling I have no real baseline, but would be interested to know what other people with experience have seen.
  10. I was setting up a new 55 gallon tank with two sponge filters with the Easy Flow kits and I almost made a real disaster! The water had a ton of dissolved gasses in it and the glass and sponges were covered in bubbles. The sponges ended up floating up and bobbing around in the water with the Easy Flows swinging around and sometimes over the edge of the tank, shooting water out! Glad I caught that before too much of a mess was made. Turned off the air pump and let the bubbles dissipate, then squeezed the air out of the sponges for good measure before turning the pump back on. Good to go now.
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