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Platy with curved spine


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Hi! Beginner here. I just bought a few platys and added them to my tank a couple of days ago, and I recently realized that one of my females is swimming upright? I didn't really see if she was swimming like that at the pet store.

Just in case, I have 8 females (2 mollies and 6 platys) and 3 males (2 swordtails and 1 platy). They all eat well and I haven't noticed any strange behavior in any of them, not even in the female platy that swims weird. 

I don't know if something is wrong with her or if maybe she's just like that?

I appreciate any advice! Thank you 




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Yes it could be. How many tanks have you had? Do you know about the aquarium cycle? Lots of people with lots of answers. Depending on your experience we can help find answers to almost anything. 


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On 1/18/2024 at 10:09 PM, FishQween said:

With the platys, I have a single tank and it's new so I still don't know about the cycle 😞

It’s okay, when I started I did it same way. Lots of people do. You’re going to have to do what’s called a fish in cycle. You’ll have to start by doing a lot of water changes to keep your fish safe. Basically when fish eat, they create waste. Every animal does, problem being that fish have to live in theirs. And it’s toxic. Luckily we can add bacteria to our tanks and break change the toxins into less toxic forms. 

if you use YouTube, aquarium coop has a good video on aquarium cycle. So does prime time aquatics, girl talks fish, and kgtropicals. They’d do a better job explaining than I can. And much more fun. Lots more videos as well. Look under aquarium cycle or ammonia cycle.


to help you’ll need 3 thing. Going to need some benificial bacteria. They sell it in bottles. Dr Tim’s, Fritzyme7. The pet stores have safe start I believe.  You’ll need a bottle of seachem Prime. This will help detoxify the ammonia. You’ll need a test kit to make sure your water stay safe. Either test strips(ok) or API master test kit(better) to help you understand when your water is safe and when it’s not. 

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