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  1. FishQween

    Fin rot

    Thank you so much @Coluand @Tony s!! Unfortunately the fish with fin rot died just this morning 😖 but if I see any signs of fin rot on the others, I will use this method. Also, another question, I have this female platy that gave birth to 2 fry (which she ate before I could get out of the tank she's in) and she won't drop any more even though she's been pregnant for over a month. Do y'all have any idea why? Is there something I should do?
  2. FishQween

    Fin rot

    I actually haven't tested the water lately. When my fish got ich I did a 25% water change and then started medication. The tank is about 5 months old. Most of the fish have been there for 4 months, except for the one with black tipped fins. He's been there all of two weeks.
  3. FishQween

    Fin rot

    So, I had a recent outbreak of ich in all my tanks. I'm treating for that now (it's day 4 of treatment) and I also have two fish who are suffering from fin rot. I'm pretty sure I can't treat two things at once, so I'm gonna go through with the ich treatment first. I just wanna know what to do when I finish the ich treatment so I can save my goldfish before their fins rot completely off. The goldfish who has black tipped fins was fine yesterday, and I've noticed that large chunks of his fins are falling off. Will he make it until I finish the two week ich treatment?
  4. So recently I had an outbreak of ich in all my tanks and I've been treating with heat and seachem cupramine. The thing is, I've read that I should apply the treatment every other day for two weeks while the bottle says I should use it apply it on day 1 and day 3 and then leave it for 14 days without treating. Additionally, my local pet shop gal told me to apply every day for 3-5 days. I don't know what to do 😭 I used the method indicated on the bottle for my goldfish and they seem to be better, but it's only day 4. How can I be sure the ich won't come back? And if it does, what do I do?
  5. I definitely will! Thank you!!
  6. I actually stand corrected. Just noticed the female platy has them too. I'm praying the fry don't 😭 I read on some vet page that 86 was good. Idk, I'm trying everything I can 😭😭😭
  7. FishQween

    Ich in fish

    So I have four tanks currently and I've had an outbreak of ich. It started with my goldfish and today I found my swordtails with it too. The swordtails share a tank with platies but I haven't seen any of those with the white spots. I've put both heaters at 86F (30C) and am using cupramine from seachem, applying the indicated dose each other day. Is there anything else I should be doing? In the other tank, I have one pregnant platy and in the other 15 swordtail fry. I don't think they're sick because they haven't shown any symptoms. Hopefully they don't get sick. Any help would be appreciated!! 😊😊😊
  8. My local pet store had cupramine from seachem. I'm using that. Any tips???
  9. Yeah, she still hasn't dropped any fry. Although her gravid spot is getting darker. Also, I had a recent outbreak of ich and I had been using the same equipment on her tank and the main tank, so I'm keeping a close eye on her. She seems fine so far.
  10. Yeah, just realized my fish have ich. I'm almost 100% sure. I'll attach the pictures. I'm gonna buy treatment for it, although I've read methylene blue can be used as well? The two goldfish in the pictures are the ones who seem to be most infected, although I have seen white spots on my other fish and I have one more orange goldfish that's hiding in a vase and refuses to come out, but I've seen the spots on him too. Any suggestions on what to do?
  11. So I was moving my fish from one tank to another because something happened to the water and I had three fish die overnight. The thing is, this goldfish is quite large and he's too big to fit in the net so I had to grab him with my hand. He started jerking around as I was moving him and he feel about 5ft onto hardwood floors. I got him back into water and he doesn't have any bleeding or cuts, but he seems to be swimming a little bit sideways and struggling with staying upright. What should I do???
  12. Alright. Thank you so much!! 😁😁
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