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Breeding Betta splendens

Fish Folk

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Here is a video series showing Betta splendens from purchase, to spawning, to fry growing out. I am still very early on in the process, but wanted to share some things I am learning.

I went for cheap big-box-store Bettas. I was especially looking for a unique, mature female. I found this very nice double-tail female...


And then I decided to pair her with this long-finned male...


They had some aggressive "false-starts" during which times they each sustained some injuries. Eventually, I made some changes and decided to try again...

On the following day, I caught them embracing / spawning...

After a while, I removed the female and allowed the male to guard the nest. I kept the light on 24/7 to keep him from "switching-off" and eating either young fry or the eggs. It was Christmas Eve. He guarded the nest faithfully...

A couple days later I found tiny fry free-swimming and removed the male...

I concocted an odd feeding port to preserve air moisture while allowing live foods to be fed, and began feeding tiny nematodes (vinegar eels, banana worms, etc...

The fry development over time was fascinating to watch:

December 28, 2023







Fry growth correlated to feeding larger foods. From nematodes, I moved to hatching baby brine shrimp. Once young daphnia were in abundance, I began feeding that as well.

Now, the project continues! 

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