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Has my Nerite died?

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Larry my nerite snail is infamous for escaping the aquarium. I literally taped parts of the lid down and evidently he still escaped. 

I have a 14 gallon cycled and planted tank with 5 female mollies, 3 nerites and some blue velvet shrimp.

I found Larry on the carpet Thursday evening and plopped him back into the tank. He floated and was sealed behind his trap door. I floated him in a cup and he came out of his shell hours later. I saw his little antenna out and he let out air and stopped floating. 

Foolishly I returned him to the tank. My girls swarmed him and were biting him. He sucked back into his shell and I removed him within a few minutes and got him back in a cup.

He was definitely alive the next morning. I moved him to a breeder tank that I picked up at the store. He clung to the glass for an hour and then fell onto his back and hasn't gotten up.

He's been laying with his 'junk' partially hanging out for going on 2 days now. He doesn't stink and some fuzzy goo has some out of him. His position has changed slightly overnight as far as folding his foot.

I poked his foot lightly and no response 

My tank shows no ammonia

Is he dead? Is he in shock? 


Img 111333 is from yesterday 






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