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The puffers have landed! My new pea puffer tank

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On 1/4/2024 at 6:26 PM, Colu said:

Nice tank how puffers did you get 

I have had 2. I asked my LFS to get me 3 more. Will see how many come in. Might add 5 more. They were living in a community tank with fancy Guppies and neon terras. With the population boom of the guppies it was getting harder and harder to get food to the puffers. I decided it was time to make them their own tank. 

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Sooooo... The LFS puffers didn't even make a week. My original 2 are fine. I was kind of upset that they all seemed to be ok at first but refused to eat and one by one they literally disappeared. Fast forward 4 weeks ago and 4 new puffers arrived from Dan's fish. All looking amazing! One so far I named it Chubs. Quarantined them for 4 weeks and now just added them to the display tank. Definitely more action on the tank where before you wondered if there were fish in there. 

The tank as a whole is growing in nicely and I'm very happy. Currently I have 4 Otto's I'm quarantine that will be added to this tank when I know they are clean. (They have tape worm, same LFS) 






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