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  1. Yes that was one of my worries. Once it hits the surface will it cause the lower leaves to die off or will they just stop growing. It's getting kind of big and looks great now. I would love to see if it flowers so I'm going to let it ride and see how it does. I'll definitely post if it flowers 😊
  2. So it's been a while. It did loose the bulb and I just left it in there. Hopes of seeing a new one one day 😁 It's about to hit the surface. Question is will it flower eventually? Thank you for all the help and kind comments. I just want to say 90% of the plants in this tank are from the Coop. They are thriving. Low tech. Aquaclear 20 and easy flow with battery backup air pump. Easy green 6 peas and 5 Oto's
  3. Update A little more time and it's really happy now and so are the pea's 😊
  4. Sooooo... The LFS puffers didn't even make a week. My original 2 are fine. I was kind of upset that they all seemed to be ok at first but refused to eat and one by one they literally disappeared. Fast forward 4 weeks ago and 4 new puffers arrived from Dan's fish. All looking amazing! One so far I named it Chubs. Quarantined them for 4 weeks and now just added them to the display tank. Definitely more action on the tank where before you wondered if there were fish in there. The tank as a whole is growing in nicely and I'm very happy. Currently I have 4 Otto's I'm quarantine that will be added to this tank when I know they are clean. (They have tape worm, same LFS) 😁
  5. Still going! I did get a tab under it after I posted originally. Now starting to make some moves. 😁
  6. Personally I have found growth slows above 30ppm. (That's in the CO2 tank) also with this tank being so new I have been keeping it low as not to activate algae. Slow and steady till it's on balance and that will take time. My high tech tank didn't like running 40+ ppm but it's not the same. I've learned all of my tanks are different and I have to just see what they like the best. For now I'm going to target about 30 and see how it does🀞once it's a bit more mature I'll push it hard with ferts and light and see how it does
  7. Yes. Because not easy way to check other nutrients I use that to judge and with a few pea puffers and an Otto it's not the bio load (and food) so yes I agree it's showing a deficiency over all. I pumped 3 more pumps this morning after it tested 10 this morning after adding 3 pumps yesterday. Hope to see 20 when I get home tonight
  8. I'm a water junkie lol. RODI and I remineralize. I have super hard water with lots of other junk in the water too (SW FL) API master kit less than a year old and I use a hanna checker for nitrates if I need to know exactly. I use the coop strips for quick tests a few times a week. Just a fyi I did a test a while back using all 3 nitrate tests. Coop strips, API and Hanna. Comparing to the Hanna all 3 had the same reading (the Hanna being more exact) but gave me confidence that the strips are super accurate. But what you said is a very valid point. I bought a new API lot when I realized the one I had was over 2 years old and I had thoughts it wasn't accurate. This is my low tech tank but I have a scaped 40b with CO2 and all the works.
  9. Thanks. That gives me an idea of what to look for. I'll see how the roots are taking. The substrate is eco complet red. If the roots have grown in I'll put in another root tabs under it. When I got it and it had leaves and some roots already.
  10. Who has red tiger lotus in their tank? This is the first bulb plant I have gotten. When I got it, it already had leaves so I knew what way was up. It's not buried, just a touch of it in so the roots were in the substrate. I put it in the tank the week of New Years. I haven't seen much of any growth. Seachem root tabs and I dose easy green. I often find that I'm back to zero nitrate under a week. Do you think it's because the other plants are out competing it for nutrients? Do I just need to dose more often so keep up nitrates a bit? The crypts have started to grow over it so I think it's getting good light. All plants from Aquarium Co-Op Just for info it's a 29g long very lightly stocked with pea Puffers and an Otto.
  11. I have had 2. I asked my LFS to get me 3 more. Will see how many come in. Might add 5 more. They were living in a community tank with fancy Guppies and neon terras. With the population boom of the guppies it was getting harder and harder to get food to the puffers. I decided it was time to make them their own tank.
  12. Hi everybody πŸ‘‹ I wanted to share my new 29g pea puffer tank. The video is to big to upload to the site so check out the link below of you would like to see some live action shots 😊 Bill
  13. They have such personalities. Over the few years and few I have had they all have been different. All interact with me in different ways. I do prefer the smaller fish as all my my takes are scapes and large fish would never fit the prospective. I about to post about the new 29g tank I just set up for the puffers 😊
  14. Thank you, it's red eco-complete. Hyggar 978 Changed water and added a few more plants
  15. Hi everybody πŸ‘‹ So while Christmas shopping I could find anything for anybody so I bought a fish tank πŸ˜‚ 29g for my pea puffers. Ordered all my plants of the coop. Showed up Friday. Got some time in today. Still cloudy and might water change again tomorrow, will see. Seeded with an sponge filter I have in another tank. Using the coop sponge filter and I got to say I'm impressed with the flow. Super excited to see how it will grow out. Tiger lotus on the right I hope will give the right a nice pop when it grows in. 😁
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