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New ACO Easy Flow Sponge Filter Upgrade Kit

Odd Duck

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I have no idea why I was so lucky, maybe because the second I learned about them I signed up to be notified when they come in stock.  But for whatever reason, ACO sent me one of the new upgrade kits last week and I’ve been meaning to post this review.

I had wondered if the very top, curved piece fits the old nano size sponge filters - yes, it does, but it doesn’t have the air collar, of course since that only fits the other sizes and the newer nanos starting in 2023.  You can put either end of the very top, curved piece into the older nano filter tops.  I’ll attach pics below.  It is a bit large and I’d like to see ACO sell just the curved bit as a retrofit for older nano sponges.  I can cut them off clean to the length I would want so they would be less awkward and obvious in my 2 x 6 G cubes and the 14 G cubes (I’ve got a double stacked nano in there because I wanted the smaller footprint) - I would buy 3 immediately.  My 2 G is too small for a top piece at all unless I cut it waaay down to barely more than the curved part.

I don’t have any of the new nanos (I need to rectify this) so I can’t speak to how it would fit but I assume it fits the same as the other sponge filters.

It comes in a nice, small box, so minimal packaging waste and shipping cost while being sturdy enough to prevent the tubes from getting crushed by anything short of a stupid degree of shipping damage.  It has several parts and can make a very tall outlet to go across the surface of the water for better surface agitation and water turnover.  The air collar produces equivalent air to a Ziss adjustable airstone that’s been tightened down to get fairly fine bubbles which is how I usually adjust mine.  I don’t have video or an easy way to measure how much air was produced but it appears very equivalent, your mileage may vary.  I used the exact same air pump - one of the ACO nano air pumps so things would be as equal as possible for comparison.

The lower 3 pieces above the air collar are the same diameter tubing so you could easily remove one or two sections if you didn’t want it as tall.  You can also remove anything above the air collar if you have an extremely short tank.  You would lose the benefit of the curved piece that directs the flow across the water for move surface turnover.

Here’s the pics.

First - box, second - pieces in box (riveting content, right?), third - all assembled (if I was smart I’d have put a ruler by this), fourth - comparison of curved top to old style nano sponge top piece.  Fifth - air collar and top 2 pieces running on a medium ACO sponge (lower piece of the top 2 is slid down as far as possible to make it easier to keep it all in frame), sixth - a new, Ziss adjustable airstone running inside the same medium sponge as usual, seventh and eight - the curved top piece fits into the old, pre-2023 nano sponge top piece on either end.  Because of how tubes like this are bent, it may not fit readily if you were to trim it off too close to the curved part.  Bending tubing often puts it slightly out of round at the curved part so DIY’er beware if you want to trim the length to be smaller to fit on older nano tops.










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I was lucky enough to get one, too. Been using it for a week now and I’m impressed. I’ll definitely be upgrading all of my sponge filters to this, and will be buying 2 new Nano’s when they launch to be able to use the Easy Flow kit. The air collar alone is worth it, in my opinion, and the additional flow is just the cherry on top. 

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That's so awesome! I have some older nanos but most of my fish prefer gentle flows so I don't quite feel the pressure to upgrade them. I do want one for my 20 long so that I can get better aeration around my aquaponic floats, though.

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On 11/9/2023 at 9:33 AM, Chick-In-Of-TheSea said:

Great because the airstone always falls off.

Yup! And clogs. And you drop it in the tank. Or in the bucket when I’m cleaning the felt pads. And you lose the plastic disk, etc. etc.

I’m honestly most excited for the air collar and not having to mess with air stones. The additional flow is the added bonus for me. 

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